7 Reasons to Give Yoga A Try

This post originally appeared on the Element Eden blog.  September is National Yoga Month! So, to celebrate, here are seven reasons you should try yoga (hot yoga, SUP yoga, regular ol’ yoga, take… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: TV Reporter Jessica Fragoso

When I was younger, I used to pretend to be a newscaster in the living room—I loved the idea of dressing up in blazers and broadcasting the news for thousands of people.  Jessica… Continue reading

Travel Guide: Hike Virginia’s Old Rag Summit Trail

Virginia is for lovers, or so they say, and while we can’t predict whether or not you’ll get lucky during your visit, we can confirm this: It’s definitely for hikers. For impressive views… Continue reading

Culture: Surf Photographer Caitlin Miers

Caitlin Miers is in her studio, sanding down the “pre-loved” picture frames that will eventually house her surf photography and illustrations. The surf is pumping but her surfboard will stay dry today; after… Continue reading

Travel Guide: How to Do Yellowstone in a Day

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, is a geological marvel, a landscape dotted with herds of elk and buffalo, a treasure trove of waterfalls and mountains. But it’s also considered the Disneyland of the National… Continue reading

Adventuremobiles: Download Cyrus Sutton’s “Compassing” for Free

Cyrus Sutton bought his old Econoline van with the dream of outfitting it with solar panels and a bed, a little investment in that “someday” surf trip he’d take down to Mexico. But… Continue reading

The Dirtbag Darling Print Shop is Open!

Some of you like the Dirtbag Manifesto. Some of you loved it. Some of you told me, “That is me to a T, I need that to hang in my tent!” (because obviously,… Continue reading

Get Fed: Baked Kale Chips

This post originally appeared on the Element Eden blog—check it out for all of my random thoughts on loving the outdoors!  Kale. You’ve probably seen it staring at you in the produce aisle,… Continue reading

Training Plan: How to Score a Volleyball Pro’s Body

The fastest way to the ripped abs and perfect bum of a professional volleyball player? Become a professional volleyball player. But if beach courts and hard serves aren’t your thing, try focusing on… Continue reading

Ellie Jean Coffey’s Acai Breakfast Bowl Recipe

It takes a lot to fuel Ellie Jean Coffey, the bubbly competitive Billabong surfer known as much for her sun-kissed good looks (she was named one of the “Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing”… Continue reading

Gear Review: Ocean Minded’s Waveseeker Sandal

Ah, the climbing sandal. It’s one of those genius ideas that leaves you wondering, Why the hell didn’t I think of this before? Let me break it down for you: climbing shoes and… Continue reading