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Photo of Johnie by Brandon Scherzberg.

Photo of Johnie by Brandon Scherzberg.

When I was a kid, maybe three or four years old, I would sit at the family room window and wave at my parents when they were gardening. I was content indoors. I tell people this and they don’t believe me—I guess things have changed since then.

Maybe it has something to do with my dad, the serial hobbyist, who’s already spent all my inheritance on sailboats, rollerblades and scuba gear. Or my older sister, who’s off on some exotic trip—hiking in Alaska, diving off the Galapagos Islands, off-roading in Australia—more often than she’s at work. Or, heck, my significant other, who’d prefer it if we spent the rest of our lives living in a Sprinter van on an unending surf trip. Whatever it was, I learned at a pretty young age that outside was the place for me.

The term “dirtbag” is kind of endearing in the outdoor world. It describes someone who’s ok with being dirty so long as there are mountains to climb and waves to catch. There are dirtbags who don’t shower and pick up dinner in a dumpster, so I’m not quite on that level, but I could see it getting there. Maybe.

For now, I’m just kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, skiing, and camping every chance I get. Dirtbag Darling is a place for women like me—women who just want to explore the Great Outdoors and get a little dirty. It’s gear reviews, training plans, outdoor news, good eats, 101 lessons, interviews with inspiring outdoorsmen (and women!), photos, and adventure logs—anddd maybe a cute outfit or two because, hey, I AM a lady— that will hopefully educate and inspire you to get up, out and on your own adventures.

Play Dirty,

Johnie G.



How do I get in touch with Johnie?

For all editorial and advertorial inquires, please email me at dirtbagdarling (at) gmail (dot) com.

Can I write for Dirtbag Darling?

I’m always looking for guest bloggers, interviewees, travel stories and products to review. To learn more about writing for Dirtbag Darling, please check out this guide to pitching your story or product.

How do I advertise with Dirtbag Darling?

Dirtbag Darling is happy to partner with likeminded brands through sponsored blog posts, giveaways, social media campaigns and contests, and ads. Please contact me at dirtbagdarling[at]gmail[dot]com for more information and to view my media kit.

Do you get paid to review the gear on your blog?

NO! But if I ever accept money to review something, I pledge to my readers that I will clearly identify any sponsored content on my website. A sponsorship disclaimer will appear either in the post title, the post body or at the end of the post. I will always disclose when I’ve been paid to write about something, and will always give my honest opinion about a service, brand or product regardless if I’ve been paid to test it or write about it. To companies interested in sending Dirtbag Darling product: Please note that sending me items in no way guarantees that they will be featured on the site. I do not return product.

Why was my comment deleted?

I reserve the right to delete any comment I deem overly inflammatory, inappropriate or unnecessarily negative. I’m all for community and debate, but it’s my job to keep DD a positive one.

I live in another country. Can I enter your giveaway?

All contests and sweepstakes are restricted to the continental United States unless otherwise stated. If you are selected as winner but live in another country, you will not be able to collect your prize and another winner will be selected.

Is all the content on your site created by you?

Almost all content and imagery on the blog is directly created by Dirtbag Darling. All other content is used with permission. If you’d like to share an image or article from Dirtbag Darling, please email me first. Original content including by not limited to photography, layouts, graphics, logos, content, header notes and instructions are all copyright Dirtbag Darling, 2013, and may not be used without express written permission. You should definitely educate yourself on this topic!