Girl Gone Wild: TV Reporter Jessica Fragoso

All photos courtesy of Jessica.

All photos courtesy of Jessica.

When I was younger, I used to pretend to be a newscaster in the living room—I loved the idea of dressing up in blazers and broadcasting the news for thousands of people.  Jessica Fragoso does just that as a TV news reporter and the host of “Heroes on Our Island.” But make no mistake: this reporter doesn’t spend her days sitting behind a computer—when she’s not in the field chasing a lead, you might find her, oh, free falling from 13,500 feet in the sky, swimming with sharks or rafting down a river to raise funds for children with cancer. Inspiring? That’s might be understatement of the year—get to know this adrenaline junky now:

My name is Jessica Fragoso and I live in New York. Im originally from Yonkers, NY where I grew up learning how to play basketball and softball. I was such a tomboy! But I also loved taking dance classes.

By trade, Im a TV news reporter and host of a show called “Heroes On Our Island” which means that I spend my work days on the road, meeting inspiring people and sharing their stories. I also do a weekly adventure segment which has given me the opportunity to do some awesome things like swimming with sharks and flying in aerobatic planes, hot air balloons and blimps! On my own time, I enjoy trying new things and discovering new places as well as giving back to the community.


I admire people who are positive, kind to others, aren’t afraid to dive into new experiences and who share an appreciation and love for the outdoors and adventures.

When I have the weekend off from working, I usually spend it somewhere outdoors or road tripping to visit friends or checking things off my never ending bucket list.

My favorite place to spend time outdoors is in the mountains or by the water. I just love being outside and surrounded by nature—I’m addicted.

My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and camping, and they have taught me to appreciate nature and the simple things in life. My gear of choice are my Asolo hiking boots—they are my favorite pair of shoes.

The most amazing place Ive ever been to is… the sky! Three years ago, I became a licensed skydiver and even competed in the sport. My favorite skydives are sunset jumps. There’s nothing like seeing the sun set behind the mountains on one side and turning around and seeing the moon rise from 13,500 feet up in the sky.


One luxury item I always have with me is my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. I don’t leave home without it I love capturing moments! My most prized possession is well, I don’t have any prized material possessions, but I’d say my family, friends and dog Peanut.

One thing Id love to learn how to do is snowboard because I’d love to hike up a mountain, enjoy the view and then snowboard down it.

The most challenging outdoor activity Ive tried is rock climbing.

I like to mix up my workout routine on a weekly basis between running, biking, hiking, indoor rock climbing, yoga, dance class and in the past, I’ve even done trapeze flying.

The next item I have a chance of crossing off my bucket list is rafting on a river on a homemade raft.

My favorite piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to be active! Find something or many things you enjoy doing and go do it. The words of wisdom I live by are live, love, inspire; I try to live by these words every day. And I love this quote: “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” —Jawaharlal Nehru


Im currently involved in a project called Rafting for Carissa, where I’ll be rafting 45 miles through Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River with three fellow adventurer friends—Eric Keener, Eric Wiles and Chaz Meyers—to raise awareness about childhood cancer and funds to support a 12-year-old girl currently battling Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

We wanted to turn our next adventure into a way to help this amazing, special young girl. Carissa is so positive and strong and such an inspiration! Im doing this because I just want to help Carissa and her family, and I would also like to spread the word about childhood cancer because this horrible disease affects so many children. If you want to get involved, please visit our Facebook page “Rafting for Carissa” and

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