Photo of Johnie by Brandon Scherzberg.

Photo of Johnie by Brandon Scherzberg.

About Dirtbag Darling

My name is Johnie and I’m a dirtbag.

The term “dirtbag” is kind of like a badge of honor worn by people who are ok being a little dirty so long as there’s another mountain to climb and another wave to catch.  When I live out of a Sprinter van and skip showering for seven days, that’s me waving my dirtbag flag high.  Dirtbag Darling is my little corner of the Internet devoted to the thing I love most: the Great Outdoors.

This site is a place for women like me—women who love kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, surfing, diving, skiing, snowboarding, camping and getting a little dirty. Here’s where you’ll find gear reviews, workout plans, outdoor news, good eats, 101 lessons, interviews with inspiring outdoors lovers and adventures logs…annnndd maybe a cute outfit or two because, hey, I do put the hiking pants away (occasionally). It’s my hope that something here will educate and inspired you to get up, out and on your own adventures.

-Johnie Gall


Please feel free email me anytime at dirtbagdarling (at) gmail (dot) com.


(Fun Awesome Questions)

Can I write for Dirtbag Darling?

I’m all about community! I’m always looking for guest bloggers, interviewees, travel stories and products to review. Check out this guide to pitching your story or product for more information!

How do I advertise with you?

I’m happy to partner with likeminded brands through sponsored blog posts, giveaways, social media campaigns, contests and ads. Please contact me directly at dirtbagdarling (at) gmail (dot) com for more information and to view my snazzy new media kit.

Do you get paid to do this?

I wish! I make a little paycheck here and there through affiliate links and advertisers, but for the most part this is just for the hell of it. I do not accept payment to review product. I AM a full time editor and writer, so if you’re looking to hire, please check out my professional portfolio to learn more.

 I live in another country. Can I enter your giveaway?

Unless otherwise noted, all contests and sweepstakes and restricted to the continental United States. If you are selected as winner but live in another country, you will not be able to collect your prize and another winner will be selected.

Is all the content on your site created by you?

Almost all content and imagery on the blog is directly created by Dirtbag Darling. All other content is used with permission. If you’d like to share an image or article from Dirtbag Darling, please email me first. Original content including but not limited to photography, layouts, graphics, logos, content, header notes and instructions are all copyright Dirtbag Darling, 2013, and may not be used without express written permission. You should definitely educate yourself on this topic!