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Gear Review: EMS Women’s Trail 30-Liter Backpack

I’m always on the lookout for new gear, and, more specifically, gear that can take a beating. I’m not that outdoor athlete who babies her boots and backpacks (more often than not, my… Continue reading

The Dirtbag Darling Print Shop is Open!

Some of you like the Dirtbag Manifesto. Some of you loved it. Some of you told me, “That is me to a T, I need that to hang in my tent!” (because obviously,… Continue reading

Gear Review: Ocean Minded’s Waveseeker Sandal

Ah, the climbing sandal. It’s one of those genius ideas that leaves you wondering, Why the hell didn’t I think of this before? Let me break it down for you: climbing shoes and… Continue reading

Gear Review: Adidas Adipure Crazyquick Running Shoes

I prefer trail running over road running for a plethora of reasons, like “I enjoy catching my breath in the middle of the woods where spandex-clad moms can’t see me” and “I like… Continue reading

Gear Review: Vivobarefoot Synth Hiking Boots and Neo Trail Runners

Ombré hair color. Salted caramel anything. Barefoot shoes. In a world of quick-moving trends, this fad-tastic threesome has managed to find some longevity, and of all three, we predict barefoot shoes will have… Continue reading

The Best Bikini Tops for A Small Chest

I’ll be straight with you: I could definitely get a chair on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, if not the president’s position. And just like big-chested girls struggle to find a bikini top… Continue reading

Gear Review: Timbuk2’s Customizable Tartine Beach Bag

I know people who pack for the beach like they’ll be stranded there “Cast Away” style: first-aid kit, spare flip-flops, a gallon of sunscreen, a four-day supply of water, and a map and… Continue reading

Super Soft Mint Tees. Get One.

There are T-shirts, and then there are T-shirts so soft and so perfectly cut that you never ever want to take them off—ever. We may be exaggerating, but Mint Clothing Company’s graphic tees… Continue reading

Gear Review: Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandals

I pretty much swore off Tevas around the same time I stopped horseback riding lessons and decided boy bands were my new obsession. But fashion always comes full circle (hello, overalls! What??) and… Continue reading

Samudra X Ladyslider Cold Coconut Pouch

There are bags. And then there are bags that reach out and grab your soul and demand you drop some cash on them. And that’s the story behind how I got my hands… Continue reading

Coveted: Build Your Own Wetsuit with Neon

I have three wetsuits, which is probably two too many considering how much surfing I’ve been doing lately. But after checking out the cotton-candy-colored goodness from Neon wetsuits, I might just have to… Continue reading

Cutest. Tents. Ever

On the search for an investment tent, you want to be able to run down the checklist and cross off features such as UV fade-resistant fabric, a heavy duty zip, adjustable pegging points,… Continue reading

Gear Review: Ruffwear Palisades Pack

Hikers love their dogs. At least, they must judging by a booming outdoor pet gear industry. Outdoor retailers are quick to offer up dog booties, life jackets, light-up collar beacons, and durable Frisbees,… Continue reading