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Get Pretty: Soapwalla’s All-Natural Deodorant Cream

There’s a moment in the shower when your deodorant just isn’t coming off and you say to yourself, “This can’t be good for me.” Call it a hot-water epiphany, but that’s exactly what… Continue reading

Get Pretty: Healthy Hair Secrets from Real Surfers

The idea of soft, lightly tousled “surfer” hair is a far cry from what most of us end up with after a session on our boards (think dry ends and sun-damaged roots). The… Continue reading

An Ode to the Top Knot

I’m guest blogging all summer long over on Element Eden’s blog, so click on over to see more. This one I just loved so much, I decided to share here.  The top knot.… Continue reading

Get Pretty: Coola’s Organic, Cruelty-Free Suncare

Quick: What’s worse than flat waves and sand in your ice cream? Try skin cancer, which is why I slather on some form of SPF or another pretty much everyday (I’m not a… Continue reading