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Get Fed: Baked Kale Chips

This post originally appeared on the Element Eden blog—check it out for all of my random thoughts on loving the outdoors!  Kale. You’ve probably seen it staring at you in the produce aisle,… Continue reading

Ellie Jean Coffey’s Acai Breakfast Bowl Recipe

It takes a lot to fuel Ellie Jean Coffey, the bubbly competitive Billabong surfer known as much for her sun-kissed good looks (she was named one of the “Hottest Girls in Pro Surfing”… Continue reading

Get Fed: The Super Food Green Smoothie Recipe

There are some days when I chow down a bagel and call it a good morning (I know, I know, no nutrition. But they’re so dang tasty). Then there are other mornings where… Continue reading

DIY Healthy Energy Bar Recipe

I love the energy bars at the supermarket, but they can add up to be expensive, and I don’t like that the second ingredient is often brown rice syrup, which is used as… Continue reading

Get Fed: Health Warrior Chia Seed Bars

I’m a little obsessed with chia seeds (no, not so I can grow them out of terra cotta hedgehogs—because I love to eat them). Earlier this month I discovered Chia Pods, and now I’ve… Continue reading

Good Eats: Avocado Recipes You Can Take Camping

Sardines. Trail mix. Marshmallows. Avocados? Our little green friends don’t typically make it into the food bin when we go camping—but they should. The creamy, nutty fruit is packed with calories that can… Continue reading

Get Fed: Mess-Free Campfire Cone Recipe

I love camping. Who doesn’t? Incredible backdrops, sleeping under the stars, building a fire with your bare hands…it’s pretty awesome. Another perk? The delicious treats we really only get too make by the… Continue reading

A Tasty, Energy-Boosting Coffee Recipe

Coffee and I are not good friends. Most people have a nice healthy relationship with it, but for me, it’s kind of like that friend I only see when I absolutely have to… Continue reading