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Girl Gone Wild: TV Reporter Jessica Fragoso

When I was younger, I used to pretend to be a newscaster in the living room—I loved the idea of dressing up in blazers and broadcasting the news for thousands of people.  Jessica… Continue reading

Culture: Surf Photographer Caitlin Miers

Caitlin Miers is in her studio, sanding down the “pre-loved” picture frames that will eventually house her surf photography and illustrations. The surf is pumping but her surfboard will stay dry today; after… Continue reading

The Dirtbag Darling Print Shop is Open!

Some of you like the Dirtbag Manifesto. Some of you loved it. Some of you told me, “That is me to a T, I need that to hang in my tent!” (because obviously,… Continue reading

What It’s Like: To Live on A Sailboat

Meet two Great Lakes women sailing the Great American Loop. As Katie and Jessie pause halfway through their journey, they offer a peek inside life onboard the sailboat Louise.  The fiberglass hull of the… Continue reading

No Roadmap Required

Go get your weekend.

The Dirtbag Manifesto

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live a full life, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I don’t think a “good life” is the prize for… Continue reading

Base Camp: Why I’ll Never Be An Expert At Anything

In the back of my Rav4, there’s a huge milk crate. In it, there’s a bike helmet, hiking boots, a climbing harness, a kayak paddle, tie downs, and a headlamp. There are maps… Continue reading

Meet Our Newest Ambassador: Brooke Gaynes!

When I set out to found Dirtbag Darling, my goal was to only post relevant, interesting, inspiring articles about women and the great outdoors that would appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Salt Gypsy’s Danny Clayton

Gripe about technology all you want, but it’s pretty magical when it comes to connecting people from across oceans. Take Danny Clayton for example: I may have never know about her had it… Continue reading

Thank You, Washington

For this empty trail and a perfect weather day. Now stop raining all the time so I can live in you.

What It’s Like: To Work at the Surfrider Foundation

From the moment Alexis Henry begins to speak, it becomes clear she’s engrossed in her work on a level that goes beyond a paycheck. She’s also the first person you notice when you… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Five Ways to Workout Without Setting Foot in the Gym

This post originally appeared on Element Eden’s blog. Read more of my guest posts here!  Reasons I don’t like the gym: It’s expensive, it’s stuffy, I have to drive there, it’s full of… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Whitney James

I like to think I have a unique talent for finding really rad women. Take Whitney James for example: One glance at her Instagram and I knew she was a badass, a true… Continue reading