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The Dirtbag Darling Print Shop is Open!

Some of you like the Dirtbag Manifesto. Some of you loved it. Some of you told me, “That is me to a T, I need that to hang in my tent!” (because obviously,… Continue reading

No Roadmap Required

Go get your weekend.

The Dirtbag Manifesto

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live a full life, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I don’t think a “good life” is the prize for… Continue reading

Thank You, Washington

For this empty trail and a perfect weather day. Now stop raining all the time so I can live in you.

Get Sweaty: Five Ways to Workout Without Setting Foot in the Gym

This post originally appeared on Element Eden’s blog. Read more of my guest posts here!  Reasons I don’t like the gym: It’s expensive, it’s stuffy, I have to drive there, it’s full of… Continue reading

Base Camp: Stay Humble

“It’s never too late, or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.” —F. Scott Fitzergerald In your lifetime, you’ll climb mountains. You’ll write novels. You’ll build skyscrapers and… Continue reading

Play Dirty.

This post originally appeared over on Element Eden’s blog, where’s I’m contributing all summer long. Go check it out (sooo much amazing content over there). Dirt. Salt. Grime. When you play outside, you… Continue reading

The Best Shoulder Workout

Is carrying a heavy windsurf board a mile through the jungle because you can’t find a boat ramp. Silver lining!

Base Camp: The Mountains Are Calling

This post originally appeared over on the Element Eden blog, where I’m contributing all summer long. Peep it here!  “The mountains are calling and I must go.” I’ve seen this quote on everything… Continue reading

Base Camp: Rain or Shine

This post originally appeared as a guest blog for Element Eden, where I’ll be posting all summer long! You should check it out 😉 At one point or another, it’s going to rain… Continue reading

Base Camp: For the Love of National Parks

We’ve all felt heartbreak—we’ve lost loved ones, we’ve been dumped, we’ve been fired, we’ve let a dream slip away. It happens. It’s life. And even though life can suck sometimes, there’s still so… Continue reading

Dirtbag Darling For Element Eden

I’m beyond stoked to be contributing a series of guest blogs all about enjoying the outdoor life over on Element Eden’s blog! I’ll be sharing a little advice, a little personal wisdom and… Continue reading

Sometimes the Pot of Gold…

The really, really soft kind that reminds you just how lucky you are, gold or not.