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7 Reasons to Give Yoga A Try

This post originally appeared on the Element Eden blog.  September is National Yoga Month! So, to celebrate, here are seven reasons you should try yoga (hot yoga, SUP yoga, regular ol’ yoga, take… Continue reading

What It’s Like: To Live on A Sailboat

Meet two Great Lakes women sailing the Great American Loop. As Katie and Jessie pause halfway through their journey, they offer a peek inside life onboard the sailboat Louise.  The fiberglass hull of the… Continue reading

No Roadmap Required

Go get your weekend.

The Dirtbag Manifesto

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live a full life, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I don’t think a “good life” is the prize for… Continue reading

Ultra Runner Rory Bosio’s Secret to Preventing Injury

Think racking up 26.2 miles in a marathon is impressive? Allow Rory Bosio to knock you off your high horse: as a North Face ultra runner, she consistently finishes 50- to 100-mile races… Continue reading

Base Camp: Why I’ll Never Be An Expert At Anything

In the back of my Rav4, there’s a huge milk crate. In it, there’s a bike helmet, hiking boots, a climbing harness, a kayak paddle, tie downs, and a headlamp. There are maps… Continue reading

Hiking 101: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy on the Trail

There’s nothing better than seeing your dog running up the trail ahead of you, or having them on your board when you go out for a paddle. But—as we were all recently reminded… Continue reading

Hiking 101: Read This Before Your First 14er

“Am I ready for this? How do I know if there’s a limit? Can I do it right?” The nagging thoughts plagued Anh Thai, 28, for days before she embarked on her first… Continue reading

Base Camp: Stay Humble

“It’s never too late, or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.” —F. Scott Fitzergerald In your lifetime, you’ll climb mountains. You’ll write novels. You’ll build skyscrapers and… Continue reading

Surfing 101: How To Get Out Of a Surfing Slump

Surfing is like being in a relationship. There’s an ebb and flow of boardgasmic happy days, and days when you lose motivation to get your hair wet if the conditions aren’t glassy and… Continue reading

Go West, Young (Wo)Man! The Big Bus Trip

The mountains are calling. The open road beckons. So I’m loading up a big yellow renovated school bus with nine of my friends, ten backpacks and a whole lot of protein bars for… Continue reading

In The News: Is Ecotourism Ever Really Responsible?

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve wanted to be “first.”  The first guy to cross an ocean, to reach a new summit, to be in line at the REI Garage Sale (guilty!). Even… Continue reading

Play Dirty.

This post originally appeared over on Element Eden’s blog, where’s I’m contributing all summer long. Go check it out (sooo much amazing content over there). Dirt. Salt. Grime. When you play outside, you… Continue reading