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Hiking 101: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy on the Trail

There’s nothing better than seeing your dog running up the trail ahead of you, or having them on your board when you go out for a paddle. But—as we were all recently reminded… Continue reading

Hiking 101: Read This Before Your First 14er

“Am I ready for this? How do I know if there’s a limit? Can I do it right?” The nagging thoughts plagued Anh Thai, 28, for days before she embarked on her first… Continue reading

Surfing 101: How To Get Out Of a Surfing Slump

Surfing is like being in a relationship. There’s an ebb and flow of boardgasmic happy days, and days when you lose motivation to get your hair wet if the conditions aren’t glassy and… Continue reading

Hiking 101: How to Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy

Surprise, surprise, I lost another pair of polarized sunglasses this week. I’m a flake when it comes to keeping track of my accessories, but protecting my eyes is no joke—exposing your peepers to… Continue reading

SUP 101: Learn the Lingo for Your First SUP Yoga Class

I know a few women who swear up and down they love the ocean…until they get in it. After getting tousled around for a few waves, they sulk with sand in their biknis… Continue reading

Dirtbagging 101: How to Clean Your Hydration Bladder

You’ve seen hikers with plastic tubes jutting out of their mouths…maybe you even own one. They’re hydration bladders, the flexible, soft water pouches that fit inside of certain packs—and they definitely come in… Continue reading

Kayaking 101: How to Pick Out Your Gear

If surfing is meditation for those of us who gravitate toward the sea, kayaking is our yoga—it’s a new trick for muscles to learn, a new way to explore the water. But, like… Continue reading

Photography 101: Five Unique Tips for Better Outdoor Photos

By 2011, newspapers had all but stopped printing headlines about the devastating Sumatra earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands only a few years before, but Denver native Becca Skinner knew the story was… Continue reading

Climbing 101: How to Tie Into a Climbing Harness

Learning how to climb takes a while, not because the climbs are difficult, but because there’s so many damn pieces of equipment (actually, once you climb more, you’ll realize just how little equipment… Continue reading

Running 101: Intro to Minimalist Running

Before I go and cause an uproar between believers and skeptics, let me say this: Minimalist running is not for everyone, but those runners who want to give it a try should do… Continue reading

Dirtbagging 101: Breaking In Your Hiking Boots

Nothing beats the smell of fresh-from-the-store hiking boots, but wearing them to hike in Yosemite straight out of the box? Diaster. You’re pretty much asking for blisters, bleeding and a crappy time. Save… Continue reading

SUP 101: Three Yoga Moves to Try On Your SUP Board

Imagine this: Your day job involves tasting wine made for outdoor lovers. You live in Hood River, Oregon, one of the most picturesque places in the country. In the winter, you teach children… Continue reading

Kayaking 101: Choosing a Kayak Paddle

You know the expression “up shit’s creek without a paddle”? Well, that could be you if you’re willing to spend $500 on a shiny new kayak without taking the time to find the… Continue reading