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No Roadmap Required

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Base Camp: Why I’ll Never Be An Expert At Anything

In the back of my Rav4, there’s a huge milk crate. In it, there’s a bike helmet, hiking boots, a climbing harness, a kayak paddle, tie downs, and a headlamp. There are maps… Continue reading

Base Camp: Stay Humble

“It’s never too late, or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.” —F. Scott Fitzergerald In your lifetime, you’ll climb mountains. You’ll write novels. You’ll build skyscrapers and… Continue reading

Go West, Young (Wo)Man! The Big Bus Trip

The mountains are calling. The open road beckons. So I’m loading up a big yellow renovated school bus with nine of my friends, ten backpacks and a whole lot of protein bars for… Continue reading

Play Dirty.

This post originally appeared over on Element Eden’s blog, where’s I’m contributing all summer long. Go check it out (sooo much amazing content over there). Dirt. Salt. Grime. When you play outside, you… Continue reading

Base Camp: This Is Why We Get Outside

See that picture above? It’s one of my favorites of me—not because I look hot or it’s an epic photo or anything, but because I look really happy. There’s only about an hour… Continue reading

Base Camp: The Mountains Are Calling

This post originally appeared over on the Element Eden blog, where I’m contributing all summer long. Peep it here!  “The mountains are calling and I must go.” I’ve seen this quote on everything… Continue reading

Base Camp: How To Avoid Instagram Envy

I came across this article on Semi-Rad the other day and it really hit home with something I’ve been struggling with lately: Instagram Envy. As part of my job—both for Dirtbag Darling and… Continue reading

Base Camp: Rain or Shine

This post originally appeared as a guest blog for Element Eden, where I’ll be posting all summer long! You should check it out 😉 At one point or another, it’s going to rain… Continue reading

Base Camp: For the Love of National Parks

We’ve all felt heartbreak—we’ve lost loved ones, we’ve been dumped, we’ve been fired, we’ve let a dream slip away. It happens. It’s life. And even though life can suck sometimes, there’s still so… Continue reading

How to never get invited hiking again

Have you been invited on yet another hike to an incredible peak? Make this the last time that ever happens by following our handy guide. Remember that no one knows as much as… Continue reading

Base Camp: Good Fear and Bad Fear

“Fear and panic are two separate emotions. Fear is healthy. Panic is deadly.” Leave it to Hollywood to claim ownership over a theory I thought I’d developed years ago. Guess there really are… Continue reading

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When I was a kid, maybe three or four years old, I would sit at the family room window and wave at my parents when they were gardening. I was content indoors. I… Continue reading