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In The News: Is Ecotourism Ever Really Responsible?

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve wanted to be “first.”  The first guy to cross an ocean, to reach a new summit, to be in line at the REI Garage Sale (guilty!). Even… Continue reading

Do Rock Climbers Need To Wear More Clothes?

“The annual bouldering competition was fun as always,” wrote professional rock climber Alex Johnson of her trip to Outdoor Retailer in a DPM Climbing blog post back in 2010. “It was also unbearably hot, as… Continue reading

WATCH: Terrible Boyfriend Pushes Girl Off Cliff

One of the first dates I went on with my significant other was to Malibu State Creek Park, and it was there I decided he would be a great boyfriend and, maybe more… Continue reading

Should Pregnant Outdoor Athletes Complete?

Last week, the word about town was that freestyle kayaker Emily Jackson was aiming for a spot on Team USA at the U.S. National Freestyle Team Trials in North Carolina. Being that she’s the 2012 World Cup… Continue reading