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7 Reasons to Give Yoga A Try

This post originally appeared on the Element Eden blog.  September is National Yoga Month! So, to celebrate, here are seven reasons you should try yoga (hot yoga, SUP yoga, regular ol’ yoga, take… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Give Yoga a Try with Mint Clothing Co.’s Jessica Snyder

This is a guest post from the lovely Jessica Snyder of Mint Clothing Company. She’s not only a designer, surfer and writer—she’s also a serious yoga lover. In celebration of September being National… Continue reading

Training Plan: How to Score a Volleyball Pro’s Body

The fastest way to the ripped abs and perfect bum of a professional volleyball player? Become a professional volleyball player. But if beach courts and hard serves aren’t your thing, try focusing on… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Five Ways to Workout Without Setting Foot in the Gym

This post originally appeared on Element Eden’s blog. Read more of my guest posts here!  Reasons I don’t like the gym: It’s expensive, it’s stuffy, I have to drive there, it’s full of… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Booty Short Squat Workout

Want to know the best side effect of doing tons of squats? Booty shorts. You’ll start noticing them everywhere, and you’ll look damn good in them. Squats are one of the most effective… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Get a Surfer Body like Hailey and Sierra Partridge

Confession: I’ve always wanted to be a twin. Well, ever since I saw Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Our Lips Are Sealed (I want to witness a crime and be forced to… Continue reading

The Best Shoulder Workout

Is carrying a heavy windsurf board a mile through the jungle because you can’t find a boat ramp. Silver lining!

Training Plan: Alana Blanchard’s Workout Routine

Alana Blanchard is the vixen of the surf world—fluid and strong in the water but feminine and sexy on the beach—leaving brands clamoring after her as a model and team rider. At this… Continue reading