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Travel Guide: Hike Virginia’s Old Rag Summit Trail

Virginia is for lovers, or so they say, and while we can’t predict whether or not you’ll get lucky during your visit, we can confirm this: It’s definitely for hikers. For impressive views… Continue reading

Travel Guide: How to Do Yellowstone in a Day

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, is a geological marvel, a landscape dotted with herds of elk and buffalo, a treasure trove of waterfalls and mountains. But it’s also considered the Disneyland of the National… Continue reading

Travel Guide: Mt. Scott Trail at Crater Lake, Oregon

Oregon’s Crater Lake is blue—really blue. At 1,943 feet, it’s the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest in the world, and it also has some of the clearest fresh… Continue reading

Travel Guide: Rickett’s Glenn Waterfall Trail, Pennsylvania

When I first moved back home from California, I was bummed out. I missed the perfect waves, the amazing views, the lack of humidity. But it only took a few months for me… Continue reading

Travel Guide: Elk Neck State Park, Maryland

I feel like I’m being a little disrespectful to my blog’s name when I say this, but I love the “fancy” amenities at Elk Neck State Park’s campground. And by fancy, I mean… Continue reading