DIY Shell Mobile by The Surftorialist

Rhea Cortado of The Surftorialist is always at the front line of anything and everything beachy—new swimwear labels, the best places to surf, the coolest DIY projects. So I nabbed her for this… Continue reading

WATCH: Terrible Boyfriend Pushes Girl Off Cliff

One of the first dates I went on with my significant other was to Malibu State Creek Park, and it was there I decided he would be a great boyfriend and, maybe more… Continue reading

Get Gear: Roxy Outdoor Fitness

If you associate Roxy with surf and sand, you’re not wrong—but don’t count the brand out for your next on-land adventure. The beloved surf gear and apparel brand recently launched Roxy Outdoor Fitness,… Continue reading

On the Mountain Cards

On the Mountain sells cards made from photographs the founder’s father took during his younger years. True dirtbag quality, made cool again. Pick some up here.

Dirtbagging 101: Breaking In Your Hiking Boots

Nothing beats the smell of fresh-from-the-store hiking boots, but wearing them to hike in Yosemite straight out of the box? Diaster. You’re pretty much asking for blisters, bleeding and a crappy time. Save… Continue reading

Training Plan: Alana Blanchard’s Workout Routine

Alana Blanchard is the vixen of the surf world—fluid and strong in the water but feminine and sexy on the beach—leaving brands clamoring after her as a model and team rider. At this… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Katie Boué’s Cross-Country Van Trip

In May of 2011, climber Katie Boué and her “big hairy boyfriend,” Niko Monteiro, embarked on a five-week cross-country trip in Boué’s parents’ Pilot—a dream many of us have. After stint doing the… Continue reading

Get Pretty: Coola’s Organic, Cruelty-Free Suncare

Quick: What’s worse than flat waves and sand in your ice cream? Try skin cancer, which is why I slather on some form of SPF or another pretty much everyday (I’m not a… Continue reading

SUP 101: Three Yoga Moves to Try On Your SUP Board

Imagine this: Your day job involves tasting wine made for outdoor lovers. You live in Hood River, Oregon, one of the most picturesque places in the country. In the winter, you teach children… Continue reading

WATCH: Get Inspired by Climbing Film “35”

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in a van with a coiled climbing rope for a pillow, be prepared to get hit right in the “feels” while watching the newest short film from Duct Tape… Continue reading

Should Pregnant Outdoor Athletes Complete?

Last week, the word about town was that freestyle kayaker Emily Jackson was aiming for a spot on Team USA at the U.S. National Freestyle Team Trials in North Carolina. Being that she’s the 2012 World Cup… Continue reading

Kayaking 101: Choosing a Kayak Paddle

You know the expression “up shit’s creek without a paddle”? Well, that could be you if you’re willing to spend $500 on a shiny new kayak without taking the time to find the… Continue reading

Base Camp: The Case for NOT Traveling Alone

“Traveling alone is enlighting. It’s empowering. It’s explorative. People think you’re amazing after telling them a story about a place you traveled to on your own.” So begins an article by Kat Lapelosa… Continue reading