Gear Review: Vasque Rift Hiking Boots

It’s kind of amazing what a great sole can do. Take Vasque’s Rift hiking boots for example: besides the gorgeous color combo (chocolate brown and sky blue, you steal my heart), they have… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Slackliner Dominique Harrison

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Slacklining is harder than it looks. Popular among climbers and campers, it’s a lot like tightrope walking–only instead of a rigid line, you’re balancing on… Continue reading

What It’s Like: To Be A Surfing Magazine Swim Issue Model

Most of us are shy about letting someone take our photo in a bikini, let alone plaster it on the pages of a glossy like Surfing Magazine. Not Amanda Booth, the gorgeous-as-all-getout blonde who… Continue reading