DIY Healthy Energy Bar Recipe

I love the energy bars at the supermarket, but they can add up to be expensive, and I don’t like that the second ingredient is often brown rice syrup, which is used as… Continue reading

In The News: Is Ecotourism Ever Really Responsible?

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve wanted to be “first.”  The first guy to cross an ocean, to reach a new summit, to be in line at the REI Garage Sale (guilty!). Even… Continue reading

Adventure Log: New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Sometimes all you need to fix a cloudy day is some good surf, a cute bikini and a black and white filter.

The Best Bikini Tops for A Small Chest

I’ll be straight with you: I could definitely get a chair on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, if not the president’s position. And just like big-chested girls struggle to find a bikini top… Continue reading

Adventuremobiles: Grace King’s Surf Wagon

Name: Grace King, 20 Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia Adventuremobile: 1974 Volkswagon Adventurewagen “This Adventurewagen has seen many an adventure with various owners in its lifetime. When we bought this bus a year ago, it… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Brooke Gaynes Finds Outdoor Friends on Instagram

“A grand run up #gradeurpeak this morning!” reads the caption on an Instagram photo of Brooke Gaynes (@brookegaynes) holding her dog’s paws in front of a majestic mountain range. And, as is typical… Continue reading

Play Dirty.

This post originally appeared over on Element Eden’s blog, where’s I’m contributing all summer long. Go check it out (sooo much amazing content over there). Dirt. Salt. Grime. When you play outside, you… Continue reading

Get Fed: Health Warrior Chia Seed Bars

I’m a little obsessed with chia seeds (no, not so I can grow them out of terra cotta hedgehogs—because I love to eat them). Earlier this month I discovered Chia Pods, and now I’ve… Continue reading

Girl Gone Wild: Goldfish Kiss Blogger Rebekah Steen

All photos courtesy of Goldfish Kiss Forgot VS models, if there’s a bikini body I’m aiming for, it’s Rebekah Steen’s. But make no mistake—the graphic designer and blogger behind the tropically tinged swimwear… Continue reading

Base Camp: This Is Why We Get Outside

See that picture above? It’s one of my favorites of me—not because I look hot or it’s an epic photo or anything, but because I look really happy. There’s only about an hour… Continue reading

Get Sweaty: Get a Surfer Body like Hailey and Sierra Partridge

Confession: I’ve always wanted to be a twin. Well, ever since I saw Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Our Lips Are Sealed (I want to witness a crime and be forced to… Continue reading

The Best Shoulder Workout

Is carrying a heavy windsurf board a mile through the jungle because you can’t find a boat ramp. Silver lining!

Gear Review: Timbuk2’s Customizable Tartine Beach Bag

I know people who pack for the beach like they’ll be stranded there “Cast Away” style: first-aid kit, spare flip-flops, a gallon of sunscreen, a four-day supply of water, and a map and… Continue reading